The main Easterhegg 2023 hackcenter. The evening before the event, empty.
A hall filled with desks and chairs in groups and rows. There is colourful green lighting and an RGB fake palm tree in the middle. The main lighting is still on.
moira JPG iPhone 14 Pro
A Picture of the night's sky.
It's framed by the horizon from below, going from a warmish white with barely any stars visible to a ver deep blue with lots of stars.
on the left there is a directional radio antenna with some stickers on it. On the right is a mobile phone pole with ladder and antenna
moira JPG NIKON Z 6_2
A partial bent open, green metallic, rusty, letterbox hanging on a light blue wall with missing patches of paint and some painted over cable fixed in the corner
There is a brown accent pattern on the lower half of the wall
The latter box has the obligatory „Bitte keine Werbung einwerfen“ silkscreened on, there also is a handwritten name tag that’s rather unreadable
moira JPG iPhone 14 Pro
Looking straight up a square winding staircase with metal railings going round.
There is a truss attached to the railings all the way up to the 5th floor. It's used as a mounting point for several pink and orange lights colouring the ceiling of the floors
moira PNG iPhone 14 Pro
a picture of me (Moira) with Emma (a grey plushie unicorn with light blue and pink crest) leaning over my head
moira JPG iPhone 14 Pro
A GNU/Sticker next to Ida (black unicorn with yellow accents) on a smolhaj. There is a bottle of mate and some sticker around, another Unicorn and a transflag in the background of the pile
moira JPG iPhone 14 Pro
The sun is already set, but is still illuminating the purple cloud with rose streaks. The sky above the horizon is turquoise.
The view is out the first story of a building looking on to street, some buildings and trees are around
moira JPG iPhone 14 Pro

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